About E-470 Public Highway Authority: E-470 is the 75-mph toll road running along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area. E-470 is a user-financed roadway, receiving no local, state or federal funds for financing, construction, operations or maintenance. E-470 is a political subdivision of the state governed by a Board composed of eight local governments including Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties, and the municipalities of Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Parker and Thornton. E-470 also operates ExpressToll®, the all-electronic toll collection system available on E-470, Northwest Parkway, and Colorado’s Express Lanes.

22470 E. Stephen D. Hogan Parkway,

Suite 100

Aurora, Colorado 80018

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The properties are offered on an "as is" basis through a competitive Request for Proposal process. The RFP and supporting documentation can be obtained  from Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System hosted by BidNet Direct.

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For questions, please contact Procurement Supervisor

Mike Hancock at (303) 537-3428