New Motorist Amenities Envisioned for E-470

Request for Proposals Seeks Partners to Redevelop Four Prime Sites


FEB 3 2020

22470 E. Stephen D. Hogan Parkway, Suite 100

Aurora, Colorado 80018

Thank you for your interest in E-470 Public Highway Authority's Request for Proposals (RFP).

“We improve your journey” is the mission of E-470, and it seems to us that redeveloping former toll plaza properties perfectly aligns with our goal of improving the journey for our customers.


While commercialized rest areas are commonly found on toll roads in the Midwestern and Eastern United States, such amenities are rare in our part of the country. We think this rarity is an opportunity to reinvent the “Service Plaza”.


While motorists will always need quick access to food, fuel, restrooms, and a place to safely wait out inclement weather, the envisioned E-470 Service Plazas can be so much more for Coloradans and our out-of-state guests. To that end, the Authority invites well-qualified teams to propose on up to eight highly visible parcels (36+ acres total) immediately adjacent to and solely accessible from the toll highway.

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The properties are offered on an "as is" basis through a competitive Request for Proposal process. The RFP and supporting documentation can be obtained  from Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System hosted by BidNet Direct.

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